About Us


Established December 24, 2008

Our picturesque, rural, diversified homestead/small farm/nursery/food forest is a model of all things edible grown locally in our climate. We are stewards of the land and forest in unique ways (of course) not yet fully known or understood by our community and two nearby land grant universities. Our goal is to change that and introduce as many people as we can to the world of permaculture and regenerative farming. See our homesteading website here.

Our Shopify Store

We (well mostly Danette) are offering a decadent small batch chocolates sourced from small companies (because all earth lovers need pampering!) Our aim is to support small high-quality chocolatiers with a different sampling of chocolate each month.  Denice is in charge of finding higher quality, locally made (if possible) farm tools, toxin-free and useful things used on a Permaculture homestead. We also organize an annual community Bare-Root Fruit Tree Order  and have thus far sold over 1400 fruit trees that are now planted within our county. This takes us closer to our goal of teaching and helping with Food Security. 

At this time Our Farm offers:

Permaculture and other gardening demonstration areas Edible Landscape/Food Forest/Permaculture Plants Vines/Medicinal and Culinary Herbs Fruit/Nut/Fodder trees Tubers/Bee, Butterfly and Beneficial Insect Plants Locally Grown Cut Flowers (sold locally).  

We promote...

We promote and support other growers both locally and globally. Beautification, creativity and education convey our love for working with and caring for the land and its inhabitants in a responsible manner. Our farm respects all living things, functioning as an interactive unit (well—with exception to yellow jackets maybe).

Each year we learn one or two new techniques that will take us closer to our goal of being more self-sufficient. We love sharing new and tasty foods and easily made, healthful recipes. We donate to low income families in need and to local food banks. We especially love “wow-ing” our neighbors and showing them what THEY can do with their own farms. If you have special wants and needs, please ask us. We may be able to accommodate you.